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Choosing a website you can trust

So many of my customers have asked me how they know if they can trust a website when they shop from social media sites.  It's an excellent question and I would love to give you some pointers!

1.  Spelling and Grammar: Look at the website closely and read the description of the product.  Is their grammar correct? Is there a lot of misspelled words? Is it obvious English isn't their first language? Usually this gives a good indication this website or business owner may not be from the United States english is not their first language. That doesn't always indicate fraud, but depends where you are located and where you want to do business. We are a business located in the United States with the ability to ship to US, UK, CA and AU. Unfortunately we cannot accept orders worldwide.

2.  Read the comments: Is there a lot of people commenting they never got their product? Are the comments being answered by the company? Also are the comments from the company using correct grammar?  This is another indication they may not be trustworthy.

3.  Facebook Page Transparency:  Here is a little tip.  Go to their Facebook page. Click on page transparency usually towards the top.  You will often be able to see which country or countries the page managers are from. You can also see how long the facebook page has been in business.

4.  Often many of my customers will tell me they ordered a product and never received it or it took two months to receive the product.  It's important to shop with a website that looks good and has good grammar.  I think that's most important, however if you are uncertain about a website, maybe just don't do it. Many business / website owners really don't care if their customers have a good experience on their site.  We care about our customers!

5.  Customer Service: This one will be hard for you to know if they give good customer service.  Often times you don't know until you have a problem or need help.  We pride ourselves on customer service. Email us if you have any questions or comments:

6.  Logo: A lot of the times a branded good company will have their logo as their profile picture. 

Thank you for shopping with us and supporting a small business!